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What is this website all about?

Some of you, especially in Ukraine, know, Jomsbeauty as a beauty retail store that offers beauty products for women of color here in Ukraine right. However, this is an extension of the brand name which is more to retailing makeup products. This website gives an in-depth look into the beauty & lifestyle world which includes varieties of topics on Makeup, skincare, fashion, lifestyle essentials. Fascinating right! 

For instance, why would one buy an exfoliating cream when one doesn’t know its use or which to buy. or why travel when you can barely afford them or have no idea how to go about it? oh well, say no, more as Jomsbeauty is here to give you all the answers to your questions. These little but important things get swept under carpet at times (i.e nobody really talks about them) however, here in these blogs you will find all the answers to your questions and many more!

The key is Affordability! 

You literally do not have to break the bank to live Happily!

For instance, I was this day old (June 5/6/2019) when I discovered a website where you could literally travel around Europe for as little as 5 euros and at most 50 euros, believe me, you! Oh yes? And guess what these are the kind of things you get to see on here by subscribing.

Therefore feel free to comment, suggest, ask questions and share!



Hey there! I’m Ejeomah (known as Ijeoma)  a Nigerian girl born as well as a recent University graduate (M.sc Pharmacy) currently residing in Ukraine.

I love and I’m passionate about all things beauty, lifestyle (which includes travel, fashion, itty-bitty everyday life and so much more that would unravel in the long run) so I believe this would be a great platform to share all that I know, learned and learning along the way.

3 Random facts about me

  • I’m Ibo but I understand Yoruba better. Hey, just saying!
  • I’m cynophobic!
  •  I prefer road trips to flying!

The name

Why Jomsbeauty

Just like the name Ejeomah (Ijeoma), all other names I wanted to use were somewhere and somehow already in use. I was really racking my brain to come up with a name, then I remembered an acquaintance of mine was fond of calling me Joms from Ijeoma and one day we were having a conversation and Boom the name idea dropped in my mind (JOMSBEAUTY). Since I love everything beauty & lifestyle related hence the name fits perfectly.

Story Time: I can’t believe I almost let the name go because someone (an ex) at the time told me that it wasn’t a great name, well, he didn’t really believe in me nor my dreams and aspirations, to begin with, tho but that’s by the way haha, i just gave you some tea 

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