Why I quit modeling

Why I started and quit modeling

As I’m typing this I’m still contemplating if I should write this and let you in on this but if you get to read this part, it would mean that I summoned the courage to not only write this but post it!

So welcome in!

First of all, there was never a time where I took an oath to never model. However, there were a few things that made me have a rethink and consider if it was something I wanted to do.


P.S, this is nothing serious, it’s just a little story time (gist). So in order for this to be straight to the point, I will give the major highlights and later make a video now or in the nearest future on my YouTube channel, yes guys did you peep that I’m starting a whole YouTube channel click here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDWH8CdNB_PLK2VKvQH69 to subscribe now!

I won’t lie, I was actually living my best life when I started modelling. Imagine you get paid for doing what you absolutely love. Like duhh? ‘What better way to fully live?’ you may think.

Modelling comes with its ups and downs too but that’s by the way.

For me along the way, there were things I observed that really made me have a rethink on modelling which I would discuss briefly below!


Firstly, in the modeling industry you have to be confident, yes super bold, and nothing like being reserved or shy. Oh yes! And I was already failing that part!

As much as I love taking pictures I am also pretty reserved and self conscious plus I also wasn’t confident in my looks and disliked been in a room with me being the centre of attention. I prefer been behind the scene for the most part!

There were some offers that came and I had to decline at some points and I started to question if it was really a path I wanted to tread. Because I had to be picking the shoots I wanted and it got tiring having to explain every time you turn down a shoot.

I was also always worried about my weight. Yes, I know thats crazy to think 🤔. You might think I’m pretty okay or slim but for a modelling agency I’m big!


In Ukraine, I wasn’t really keen on how color models were treated particularly in the city were I was residing in, there’s a lot of room for improvement.

I remember vividly after modeling for a brand, the manager who happened to be a Ukrainian adviced me to look outside Ukraine for modelling opportunities and she was really serious about it but she had no ideas about my personal struggles or insecurities.

She really believed I would thrive outside of the country and kept wondering why I decided to stay back in Ternopil, Ukraine considering better opportunities and pay I could benefit outside of the city I resided in.

The rate at which this particular fashion brand manager (woman) kept on pushing me made me start questioning why she was so insistent and I feared there was more to it as nobody had ever pushed or believed in me so much in my life not even my self.

I would have really loved to share some text messages here but I’m afraid that’s unethical. She would list countries around Europe where she believed I would thrive and would tell me to forget about Ukraine or move into a bigger city instead but little did she know that I was dealing with deeper issues (i.e self image).

In conclusion!

Don’t get me wrong I loved modeling so much but it was a thing of the mind and I had to take out the time for some soul searching…

Since my first time modeling officially (2017) until now (I’m on hiatus) I’ve done couple of shots some of which were paid and tons of TFP photos (Time for prints) which were not.

In summary the reason why I had a rethink was majorly self image!

So, you may ask, will I ever go into modelling again? The truth is I actually never quit, I only had to take out time to find myself. On the other hand, modelling is only a side hustle\hobby for me and not full time, but I’m open to modeling opportunities 👋.


With all that has been said, I would love to add this:

Please follow your dreams, never let anything stop you but if you must take out some time or a break you should when needed, take as long as you need never feel pressured and come back once you are ready. The world awaits you!

I wish you reading this the very best out of life!

NB: I could go on and on but I wanted this to be a short and easy read for you.

Would you like to see a video on this? If yes comment below. And perhaps, you have questions you would like me to answer on in regards to this topic? Then let me know below!

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